Sunday, July 24, 2005

Upcoming Events: SCBWI LA

I had been delaying my registration for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators summer conference in Los Angelos because I wasn't sure whether I would attend or not. It isn't cheap. But today, Mary Ann pushed again, and brought up the idea that I could make it a Jeep trip. That was the final piece that convinced me.

Originally, we were going to begin a big RV trip with this conference as the first lap destination, but when Debra finished school this year instead of next, all that planning changed. We considered flying there, but I have lost a lot of interest in flying trips over the past few years. Airlines are great for places on the other side of oceans, but I would prefer to drive if I can. Air trips have a lot of paperwork and tight deadlines and rental cars.

But this way, I can turn a conference trip into a multi-purpose event. I have just finished the outline for my current book. Most of the events happen during a 2000 mile plus road trip. I had wanted to re-visit those locations prior to finishing the book, and now I can do just that.

An hour ago, I registered for the conference and made the hotel reservation. Now I can start filling in the targets for the trip itself.

And yes, the conference ought to be interesting too.


Karen said...

That is so cool - especially that it will afford you the opportunity to visit those places. Enjoy your trip! (and the conference)

Chris Nystrom said...

That does sound like a fun trip.