Friday, July 29, 2005

Solomon Gallery

This morning, my sister Mary Solomon took me over to see her gallery. It was very nice, several rooms, tastefully decorated, with the walls filled with her paintings. She's selling quite a few of them, too. My understanding is that Sunset Center, in Amarillo, had lost most of its businesses and had become run down. The owner is attempting to create an art center by leasing galleries for a number of artists. There are quite a few galleries in this one location. Of course, My Sister's gallery is the best one. Brother-in-law, Walter, in addition to being a powerhouse at renovating the place, also has some of his artwork in the place as well -- a number of copper sculptures. Several years ago, I did some lobbying and got one of those myself, a miniature windmill.

Mary is becoming quite successful as an artist, and it sounds like she's got quite a number of jobs already scheduled. Be sure and browse around her web site and take a look at her work.

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