Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Last of the Laundry

When the dryer stops tumbling, I'll be able to finish packing for the trip and click that item off the to do list. I hope to be on the road before noon. Until I get a few hundred miles away, anything could interfere with the trip. Indeed, since the moment I decided to take this excursion and committed a few hundred dollars to convention registration and hotel reservations, I've had several potential disasters crop up. For one thing, while my son Thomas was on a business trip, his house burned and we had to rush up to Carrollton to see what could be salvaged and to get the insurance ball rolling. Mary Ann is still up there. (I got lucky and had a couple of semi-resonable excuses to come back home -- like returning four still-sooty cats to their new residence.)

I feel guilty about leaving Mary Ann there, and gave her several chances to talk me out of this trip, but she was supportive every time and told me to continue.

Ah, there was the beep. Time to finish packing.


Chris Nystrom said...

Sorry to read about your son's fire. I assume evryone is ok. My mom's house burned down a few years back. She had problems with the insurance (USAA). They were not good to her.

Karen said...

Thomas was gone. How about his wife? So sorry to hear this. I'm not far from Carrollton, if I can help in any way.