Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Black Kitten has a Home

I nerved myself up to take the kittens over to the Petco store where I'd seen other people with animals to place. Such a public activity wasn't my thing, but the kittens really needed a permanent home (before ours was destroyed). No one had called in response to Mary Ann's advertisement. I put them in a large cardboard box and drove over to the store. I parked nearby, and then rather than camp out on the store's front porch as I'd seen others do, I elected to stay in the parking lot, under a nice shade tree. I gave myself a limit of two hours. If nothing happened by then, then I'd bring them back home.

It was hardly five minutes before a car drove up, full of kids. The father was looking for a male, and was happy to take the black and white one. They had at least one other cat, and although I couldn't persuade him to take both of them, it looks like he'll have a good home.

So I pulled the calico out of the box and held her until she started climbing. For a little less than an hour, I stood there in the shade, while dozens of people pointed at the cute cat. Still, no one felt the urge to come collect her.

Finally a pickup drove up onto the Petco's porch area and started putting up a pet adoption sign. I had checked the website before coming and knew that there was supposed to be one of the pet adoption agencies there today. The lady glared at me, and when the manager came out to greet her, I suspect she complained, because he came over to tell me that they had a policy that only the offical pet adoption agencies were allowed to set up there. Although I was in the common parking area for the shopping center, I didn't complain. It's not my way.

So I picked up the box and headed back to the Jeep. Little tiny claws were firmly attached to my shoulder so I didn't attempt to peel her off. We rode all the way back home with her tail in my ear. Once home, she mewed awhile, looking for her brother, but she's settled down.

Only, I think she's going to be a lot more attached to me than she was before. I hope someone will answer Mary Ann's advertisement soon.

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