Wednesday, June 29, 2005

And Now there are Two.

It's very quiet here. Yesterday, I buried Patches. At a ripe old age of 14 or 15, his health was rapidly going bad. It had been two days since I had last been able to feed him. Nothing told me more clearly that the time had come than seeing him unwilling to take a bite of that hot dog. He could barely walk, and he was getting weaker by the hour. Two or three weeks ago, about, after the vet saw him, the question of putting him down came up, but we gave it some time. Antibiotics helped a bit, until he could no longer keep down the food. He picked up for five or six days after I stopped the medicines, but then he weakened again.

But, for the past couple of weeks, he's had long lazy days. It's hot here, so he would walk down to the pond and wade into the water up to his shoulders, and then lie down in the grass. He would even tolerate the kitten when he came into the house. He would find a place on the carpet near where I was working, circle the spot a couple of times, and then settle down for a nap.

Today, the kitten was bouncy, chasing a housefly, trying to catch it. She had to entertain herself for most of the day, as I had to go into town to open the door for a plumber ( and yes, it took me from 7am to 3pm). However, Mary Ann's advertisements paid off, and someone was interested in the kitten. I drove her into Hutto and passed her over to her new family. They seemed to respond well to each other, and I'm glad she finally will have a stable home with more than an old dog and an old human to entertain her.

So back home, it's quiet. I fed the horse, and then Fluffy came to the door and looked in. He's the last dog standing, and I suspect he'll finally get more of the human attention he deserves. But, after wagging his tail at my attentions, he wondered off. I suspect he's still looking for Patches. In all this quiet, I think I am too.

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Chris Nystrom said...

Sorry to read about your loss Henry.