Friday, May 13, 2005

Together Today

Yesterday was an interesting travel day. Mary Ann had a few chores to complete in LA before heading out, but we had 1500 miles to make in two days. The problem was that we had never made that many miles per day in the RV. While I've done more than a thousand travel miles in one day before, that was in a car. RV travel is definitely slower. While I can get the RV up to 80 in a pinch, it doesn't cruise well at speed-limit+. A comfortable pace is more like 55-65. Sometime 70. In addition, we have to stop earlier. There is less flexibility about finding a good parking place for a large vehicle. There's less acceleration, harder hill climbing, and wind problems. In all, I've found that a good hard driving day on our RV rarily exceeds 600 miles.

1500/2=750. I had to start immediately to have any hope of getting to the business meeting on time.

So, Mary Ann took the Jeep. She attended to her exercises and other business. I headed east immediately. The theory was that she could catch up with me sometime during the day.

At first it looked like it would work. She was a hundred miles behind me. Then at another checkpoint, about 70. Then 61. Then 50. Then 60. Oops. There were problems. The RV has a huge gas tank, compared to the Jeep. Mary Ann was having to stop more frequently for gas, food, bathroom breaks, etc.

Then came the news. The meeting we were racing to attend had been rescheduled. We now had four days to make it. The pressure was off. It was nearing the end of the day so I just waited at the last fuel stop for her to arrive. I didn't like being apart in the dark, where it would be too easy for us to miss-connect.

We stopped, finally at a roadside park in Texas Canyon, after making about 600 miles.

So, today, we traveled together, the Jeep in tow. It was a pleasant day, with long straight miles, and less pressure. We even stopped before sunset, at a roadside park off I-10 in West Texas. We made almost 600 miles.

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Chris Nystrom said...

I am picturing an RV with a jet engine on it...

I have made that trip so many times, from Austin to San Diego. It is a very pretty drive. Reminds you how big this country is, and how big Texas is. By the time you get to the state line, you are halfway there!