Thursday, May 12, 2005

Heading Home

Well, it wasn't our first plan. We had moved up the PCH to Thornhill Broome Beach, where we could camp out next to the water, intending to stay for a couple of days before moving inland. It's a rocky beach, with sand next to the campsites, and then boulders (five to twenty pounders) down by the surf. Listening to the waves churn and tumble the rocks is fun. Plus, the water gets deep quickly, and the dophins swim by within easy reach. You can hear them blow.

The first time I walked down to the surf line, I met a man who had dropped in to the camp to rest on his journey. He was from South Korea, now a plastic surgeon in Boston, taking a loop vacation. He'd gone down from Boston to Key West, then actross the South to Texas, then on to San Diego. He was heading up toward San Francisco, then back through Salt Lake, Denver, St. Louis, and on back to Boston. All by himself in a car. Sounds reasonable to me.

But a business meeting popped up on our radar and we need to get back to Texas, immediately. It's a beautiful morning here north of Malibu, but it's time to leave.

Now to stow the satellite dish and get back on the road.

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Chris Nystrom said...

You are making me homesick. I grew up in San Diego.