Thursday, April 14, 2005

Getting Back in the Groove

Traveling in an RV is a lot like those little hand puzzles that have fifteen tiles and sixteen slots. You have to move the gap around to adjust the tiles into a picture. While our RV is comfortable, at thirty feet long with a bath and a bedroom, we tend to carry along a lot of stuff. You know we have five computers with us (for two people). Mary Ann has two cameras, three tripods, and a large assortment of lenses. The new big lens comes in its own carrying case, larger than a breadbox and just smaller than a set of golf clubs. We have a printer and a scanner, at least four binoculars (one of which is night-vision). This is all in addition to clothes, groceries, and ... oh yes, three file boxes of documents so that we can work on our taxes.

So starting out, we've done a bit of tile shuffling. Move the hair drier to the bed so we can find room to pack the towels in the closet. The external hard drives can live under the kitchen table for now. Can these cleaning products ride in the tub you use for window cleaning?

This will go on for the whole trip, but gradually, the RV settles into Home.

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