Saturday, April 16, 2005

At the Radisson

One problem with RV travel is parking. For three days we are staying at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Tucson. Mary Ann is attending a NANPA conference, a nature photographer thing. At these conventions, it's always handier to stay at the hotel and not have to commute from the RV park. Unfortunately any hotel in a downtown area will be using a parking garage, and believe me, our RV could never fit into that 6'3" clearance passageway. Luckily, they have an oversize vehicle parking area. It costs a little more, but it's working out okay. It's right outside the door -- handy to raid the refrigerator rather than pay $1.50 for a canned coke from the vending machine.

Because we're watching our costs, I'm just here, not attending the photography sessions. That gives me lots of time to catch up on some sleep and to work on a few short stories. I took a couple of walks around Tucson, but this is an easy town to give you heat stroke, so I'm doing a little more computer work than usual. I installed Skype today. At least on this hotel wireless, it works great. I'll have to do more testing once we leave here. Where the RV is parked, I'd never get a satellite lock for the Direcway internet. I have tried Sipphone last year, but I was dissatisfied with the connections. It would be nice to have a reliable phone system when we go to Death Valley in a few days. There's no internet or phone system there worth using. You have to bring your own, like we're doing. I'll let you know how it works out.

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