Thursday, November 11, 2004

View From the Cliff

After five days staying in the Leo Carrillo State park in Malibu, we decided to move. The state park was nice, but they have a seven day limit before they run you off for at least two days. That and the perpetual problem of keeping the electrical system running made me want to go back to the Malibu Beach RV Park where we had stayed a couple of years back.

The state park campsites didn't have electricity. Thus we had to rely heavily on the generator and the battery inverter system. However, there was a strict curfew on generator hours, and we had several incidents where the battery level dropped too low and the inverter cut out without warning. Both our laptops were unaffected, but the Windows dinosaur that lives under the bench didn't like abrupt power failures.

So, we relocated. And I must say it is nice. Permanent electricity, fresh water in the tanks, and a lovely view of the Pacific out the front windows.

The Malibu Beach RV Park is built on the cliff, and our location is about 160 feet above sea level and drops off nicely. This morning, as I sit in the driver's seat with my laptop resting on the steering wheel, working on my next novel (working title: Falling Bak-wards) I have watched ships sailing across the sea, the scuttling clouds, and a seal cavorting in the surf. Other than the distraction of grabbing for the monocular every few minutes, it is a lovely place to work.

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