Monday, October 25, 2004

Political Cartoons

I am a cartoon addict. I download and view 43 different comics daily. Of course, I have automated the process to some extent, but if I subscribed to a daily newspaper, it would be the comics section I viewed first.

Not a single one of those comics are political satires from the editorial pages. That is a very conscious decision on my part. For the most part, political cartoons are a tool of hate mongers. They present something outrageous to create anger and hate. I do not care to be exposed to that. I'm very much a Philipians 4:8 kind of guy. Seek out the good and think on that.

So when I find a handful of my comics stumping for one politician or another, or even worse, against a politician, it's time to make a cull. The following comics are being removed from my rotation:

Get Fuzzy -- the mild-mannered, pro-Kerry, dog attacks his owner for thinking of voting for Nader
Over the Hedge -- the turtle stumps for Nader
Monty -- a pro-Bush supporter is protrayed as angry and bitter
B.C -- current political news (probably pro-Bush) shows up in the caves.
The Joy of Tech! -- probably the worst of the lot, replacing the comic with an anti-Bush, pro-Kerry politcal banner.

I have enjoyed all of these, but I have drawn boundary lines, and these 'entertainments' crossed them. Goodbye all.

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