Thursday, September 30, 2004

Pre-Dawn Before the Arch

It is first light, and Mary Ann and I have driven down to the Mississippi River from the Illinois side. A little paved road follows the train tracks along the riverside, and just between the Casino Queen and the grain elevator is a off-limits dirt road that crosses the tracks, goes over the levee and heads down the river shore towards the bridge. Last night at sunset, we found this place. She sets up her tripod and has a marvelous view of the St. Louis Arch, the city buildings behind it, fronted by the river traffic. Sunrise or sunset it is a very impressive view.

Now if I didn't flinch every time a security vehicle drives by. There is a no-trespassing sign, but in very small print. "Yes, officer, It's my fault we're here. Mary Ann is a photographer and thus not responsible for her actions."

I really need to lighten up. Speaking of which, the glass-tower skyscrapers and the arch itself are beginning to show reflections of the rosy dawn sky. It's quite pretty. No doubt a representative picture will sooner or later appear on her web site. Check it out.

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