Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Getting Lazy in My Old Age

I've been a progammer for too many years to count, and I've always been one to roll my own solutions to problems, so why am I using a public blogging service instead of diving into Perl and making my own?

I have actually done it before. Back in the early days of the web, when I was introducing web use to Motorola, I had several sites that included chronological comment lists -- what is now called a blog.

But pulling old code out of my CVS archive and debugging it for my new environment would take more time and patience than I have right now. I can generate enthusiasm for a 30 minute programming task, but anything longer would take me away from my novel and I can't afford that.

So here I am, taking the lazy way out.

(Although I just might be interested in tinkering with the template settings on this thing. It is just CSS after all. Hmm.)

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