Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Europe Trip

No, the elevators weren't fixed, and I made several trips ferrying luggage down for the family. Mary Ann took the car off to get it cleaned up in preparation for turning it back in. She was nervous about it, since the contract had rather draconian penalties for mistakes, and this was our first lease.

When we finally checked out, we were caught in traffic gridlock and I made the unpopular decision to exit London rather than head in closer so Mary Ann could shop at Harrods. We connected to the M25 loop and drove quite a while before sending off the last box to the post office and buying a large duffel bag for the remainder of our loot.

We finally arrived at Gatwick and spent a goodly number of minutes looping and retracing our path, trying to locate the place where we were supposed to spend the night. We finally found it, and settled in for a pleasant last night in England. The rabbits were out in full force on the grass, and the pub had good food.

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