Monday, July 29, 2002

Europe Trip

Debra and Mary Ann headed back towards the British Museum, while I stayed at the hotel to pamper my bruised feet. At noon, an alarm went off in my room. I had been dozing and stumbled out of bed to look for an alarm clock. I turned off the TV. I checked the phone. Still the very loud noise kept going, and I located the source, a smoke detector on the ceiling. I looked around, checked the battery charger -- cool. I sniffed and didn't notice anything. I opened the door and sniffed outside. About then, the alarm stopped, and then a minute later started up again. I decided to go down stairs, for the quiet more than for any safety reasons. By the time I reached the elevators, I noticed a man in his underwear. He had left his room without his room key when the alarm had gone off in his room.

I decided it was time to go for lunch. I walked down to the local Mall and found a Burger King. On the way back, I noticed a sign for Hammersmith bridge and walked the couple of blocks over to the river. There were a number of river boats, beached by the low tide.

When Mary Ann and Debra arrived after their day, it was almost time to get ready for the theater. We took a taxi to Victoria Palace to see Kiss Me Kate. Another taxi brought us back, and we discovered that the elevators were out. We were on the fourth floor (fifth in US terms). Check out in the morning. We crossed fingers they would have it fixed by then.

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