Saturday, July 27, 2002

Europe Trip

Mary Ann and I took the Underground to the Tower of London where I spied out the area for details for an upcoming story, and then we took a tour bus for a loop around the scenic spots of London. We had a ticket for Debra for Lion King, and we raced back to the room when we realized that the bus trip had taken too long. But, with a taxi and some legwork we were able to make it on time. Mary Ann and I took standing room tickets, and stood behind the last row at the top of the highest balcony. One of the ushers took pity on us and found a couple of unused seats for the second act. My feet were killing me. After dinner, we were looking for a taxi when a non-taxi looking car pulled up and claimed to be a taxi. We were foolish and took it. The driver was fast and aggressive with the traffic, but got us back to the hotel with no problems.

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