Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Europe Trip

From Edinburgh, we headed north to see Lock Ness. It is a beautiful lake, many miles long, straight and narrow, formed from an ancient fault line, and then carved out during the ice age. Of course we looked for Nessie. There is an exhibit that covers the history of the over 1000 sightings and all of the scientific research done to try to identify what people were seeing. It was a great multimedia presentation that ended on a skeptical note, and then immediately funneled you out into a gift shop where you could buy fuzzy green stuffed Nessie dolls to your hearts content. We made their day, because they also sold sweaters and tartan plaid clothing and souvenirs of all kinds -- not that Melton is clan name, but it was appealing. I got a hat and sweater, partly because the weather was down into the 50's every night and my Hawaiian shirts were a bit thin for night time walking along the lock. We stayed at a hotel at the end of the lake and went Nessie watching at sunset. Debra saw something, possibly a seal or otter or some such.

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