Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Europe Trip

We tried to stay another night, but the hotel was booked, so we packed out and then waited for the morning tide. Debra and I walked around the mount on the slippery mud taking pictures.

After staring out over the miles of mud flats, and trying to see any water, we were finally notified by the security guards that we had to go back to the entrance because the sea was coming.

We walked back in stages, waiting for any sign that the water was coming, but it was still later that we noticed one of the channels through the flats being filled with water. After that, it was just a matter of marveling how fast the entire bay was being filled.

When we were driven back to the parking lot, we had to wait for Mary Ann. I walked back up the mont, but the crowds were elbow to elbow and you had to walk in baby steps if at all.

When I got back down, Mary Ann was at the car, and with one more picture to take, we left, stopping in the town to have a nice long lunch.

But then it was 350 km to Calais, and a deadline. I started out driving at a comfortable pace, but halfway there I had to move over into the fast lane. I cruised at 160, peaking at 170 km/hr for a quite a while. The car took it in stride, but it was wearing on me.

We arrived at the ferry right on time and made the crossing, spending the night in Dover.

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