Friday, July 12, 2002

Europe Trip

Mary Ann, Debra and I went for breakfast and then took the Metro to an old roman arena that has been refurbished. The old roman stonework can still be seen in places.

Then we went to the Museum of the middle ages. They have a series of gardens around the museum, which I enjoyed. In side there were the usual statues and artifacts. I particularly liked the illuminated books. Mostly they were books on gardening, although I would have liked to understand what the book of instruction to a young prince was. The text was in latin, and the explanations in french, so I had a difficult time understanding anything that wasn't in pictures. Maybe that is why the books were so heavily illustrated. If all you had to read was a few books, just how literate would you be?

There was also a set of tapestries called the Dame and the unicorn. I didn't like them. The Lady had such a deeply depressed look on her face that I left.

After that, since we were so close, we walked over to the Seine and viewed the bookstalls along the river.

By the time we reached the Louvre we stopped for a coke and then Debra split off while Mary Ann and I went into the gardens of Tulliery. For the first time in her life, Mary Ann rode a Ferris wheel. We took pictures and enjoyed the sights.

Then we walked the park, sitting and enjoying the people and the antics of the ducks in the fountains.

By the time we reached the hotel, our feet were sore, but we felt good.

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