Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Europe Trip

After an erratic night's sleep because of noisy neighbors that came in after midnight, I got up fairly easily. Mary Ann appears recovered, and she heads out with the Mack's on a walking tour somewhere. I head over to a reported camera shop to get a replacement camera.

The Metro comes back to me, and I don't get lost. When I walked out into the daylight, my GPS tells me the shop is 89meters away, so I head off in the indicated direction.

This place is a shopping area, and I quickly find FNAC, which appears to be an electronics store. They have a modest selection of digital cameras, so I get an Olympus C-300 which is about the best they have. At least it doesn't appear to be a French-specific version, which is good.

I am tempted to pick up some CDROM blanks for Mary Ann, but all of them are clearly marked as incompatible with Macs and PC's. I don't understand, but maybe it is just a French thing. We can burn the CD-s later.

I head out of the store and am accosted by a greenpeace activist. I tell her I don't understand, and she switches to English. When I decline to support Greenpeace, she asks why, and I tell her I contribute elsewhere, to my church. She asks if I am a Mormon, I tell her no, but explain that I have thought about it and have made my decision. She is cheerful about it.

I step into a Pomme de Pain, which is a sandwich shop and order a chicken sandwich on a hard bun while I unpack my camera and read the instructions.

I decide to walk the 2.7 km back to the hotel, and don't get too lost.

We join up with the Macks and go walk to a nearby cafe for dinner. After that, we visit the Cyber World cafe, and I get to check my email for the first time this trip.

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