Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Europe Trip

Morning, over the ocean. I slept a bit, but I am not a seasoned air traveler when it comes to long flights. Thus far I have taken pictures of clouds, a little fishing fleet and an island.

Oops. My camera died -- hard. The lens assembly appears broken. Oh, well. 3.5 years of service. I won't let this get me down.

All of the mainland is overcast, but I do get some views of the landscape as the plane drops down through the clouds for landing.

Getting through customs and collecting my bag was a breeze, and Mary Ann was waving for me as I left the controlled area. Unfortunately, she is down with some ailment.

We wait for David's plane to arrive, and then we take a short tour of Chantilly before heading back into Paris. I take a little catnap while Mary Ann rests, and then we go eat supper at a sidewalk cafe. Mary Ann and Debra take me to Cyber World, an internet cafe so they can check their mail and friends.

I take a trial walk, over to the Eiffel Tower, where I ignore all the street hustlers selling little tower trinkets. I cross over the Seine, but some of my favorite fountains are closed for renovation. I head up the river a couple of bridges before looping back. I wanted to get a feel of whether my moccasins would do the job, or whether I would have to use my walking shoes. Walking shoes, definitely.

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