Tuesday, September 05, 2000

Worldcon Chicago Tuesday #2

Chicago to Bismarck, ND 835 miles.

When I checked out of the hotel, and got into my car, I still wasn't sure whether to head east, and see parts of the great lake I hadn't seen before, or head west, and just maybe come back through the mountains. Of course, the reports of 112 degree weather back in Austin may have inclined me towards the mountains, but I really think it was a simple luck of the draw that led me to Lake Shore drive, and naturally west. It was a long drive, and 835 miles, my personal record, but it wasn't unpleasant.

I had traveled along Interstate 94 before, on other trips, most memorably another science fiction convention trip, where I had taken my son Thomas with me to a convention in Oklahoma, via North Dakota.

I did, however, start to develop a engine problem, where the Jeep would lose power after driving for more than an hour. It cleared up each time after stopping the engine for a few minutes, but I tried various ways to combat it, such as higher-octane gas, and STP fuel treatment.

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