Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Worldcon Chicago Tuesday

Huntington IN to Green Bay WI, 725 miles.

Once I got in range, my plans started falling into place, and one of my ideas, that of circling Lake Michigan, firmed into reality. There were a lot of miles to cover, and this was new territory. At first, it was just more of the flat farmland I had been seeing through Illinois and Indiana, but once I got up to Cadillac, Michigan, the land acquired a scenic, north woods, beauty, full of many lakes. By the time I reached the top of the peninsula, I was looking forward to driving across the huge Mackinac bridge to the upper peninsula. It was a very big bridge, four or five miles long and very tall to accommodate ocean-going ships. By sunset, I was on the other side, taking pictures and then driving on down into Wisconsin.

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